Extensive Experience & Knowledge

If you are looking for an orthodontist in Palm Beach County, FL, who comes highly recommended because of his extensive experience and dedication to knowledge, then you are in the right place! Our 5-star-rated orthodontist, Dr. Shullman, often meets new patients who have been referred to us by local dentists, doctors, or other patients that have visited our office.

Since 2005, Dr. Shullman has transformed over 10,000+ smiles and helped to instill self-confidence in people throughout the Palm Beach County area. With his commitment to changing lives, Dr. Shullman brings excellence and compassion to the table every day. Even with this level of expertise, the field of orthodontics is ever-changing and requires regular continuing education to stay on top of cutting-edge treatments. Dr. Shullman spends over 150 hours per year on continuing education, and our staff attends classes on a quarterly basis by industry-leading consultants such as renowned orthodontist Dr. Burleson and The Scheduling Institute. This is part of our commitment to offering our patients the highest quality orthodontic care and treatment.

Advancing Your Smile Through Digital Technology

As an expert in all forms of braces and clear aligners including LightForce and Invisalign, Dr. Shullman is passionate about keeping up with the latest in orthodontic technology. Our practice blends cutting-edge research and tools with traditional, tried-and-tested orthodontic techniques to provide patients with world-class care every time. We are committed to developing innovative orthodontic solutions to meet each patient’s unique needs, and have extensive experience with a range of treatment options, including digital tools and 3D-printed brackets from LightForce as well as standard braces, aligners, and other treatment methods.

We Respect Your Time

Your time is valuable, and although those of us at Shullman Orthodontics enjoy seeing you, we know how busy life can get. That’s why we do our utmost to respect your time when you come to see us. Here are a few ways that we strive to provide you with a streamlined experience at our Wellington orthodontic office:

  • No Wait Times – When you visit our office, you can count on being seen on time. We understand you don’t have hours to wait for your appointment, so we’ve created an environment in which appointments run smoothly and efficiently each day. According to our 12-year study of 85,000 appointments treated, we found our average wait time is 4.4 minutes!
  • Late Evening & Weekend Appointments – With work, school, and other activities, we know it can be tough for you to make an appointment during regular daytime hours. That’s why we offer extended times and weekend appointments for your convenience.
  • Same-Day Appointments – When you call for an appointment, some orthodontic offices may not have availability for days, if not weeks! At Shullman Orthodontics, we maintain an organized and efficient schedule, so we can offer you an appointment on the same day that you call us.
  • Same-Day Treatment Starts – Some orthodontists only diagnose you during your initial consultation, and they ask you to schedule a new appointment to actually start your treatment. We think that is a waste of your time and money! That’s why we can begin your treatment on the same day as your free consult.

Caring For Our Community

Shullman Orthodontics is grateful for the opportunity to serve patients like you, and we like to do our part by giving back to our patients and our local community. Dr. Shullman is an avid supporter of many local recreational leagues, such as Wellington Wave Soccer, AYSO, WCFL, Wellington Colts Baseball, Okeeheelee Youth Baseball, TNT Gymnastics, and Susan Lyle Studios. He also promotes hands-on educational opportunities by offering internships to high school and college students interested in the orthodontic field.

In addition, Shullman Orthodontics is thrilled to be a partner with Smiles Change Lives, a national organization that helps to provide orthodontic care for children whose families cannot afford treatment. Children with less-than-perfect teeth often worry about getting teased when they smile or raise their hand in class, everyone deserves to feel confident, which is why we urge parents to take the steps to make their child’s lives feel a little better. Click here to learn more about Smiles Change Lives and find out if your child is a candidate.

Spanish-Speaking Orthodontic Care

Shullman Orthodontics is committed to offering quality orthodontic care to every person in the Palm Beach County area of Florida who needs it. That’s why we extend our services to the Spanish-speaking community. We want to make treatment a seamless and comfortable process for you and your family. If you live in the greater Wellington, FL, area and are looking for an orthodontic office that can accommodate your family, contact us today.

Made In America

As an orthodontist in Palm Beach County, FL, Dr. Shullman and his team take great pride in our work and the services we provide to the Palm Beach County area. That’s why we only use quality products that are made to the highest manufacturing standards right here in America. When you choose us for your treatment, you can rest assured that you’re getting an exemplary level of service and materials you can trust for lasting results.

101 Reasons To Smile By Dr. Howard B. Shullman

Enjoy a few excerpts below:

  • “Listening to a story being told by someone who has been in love for 50 years. Seeing that same couple holding hands as they tell their story.”
  • “Taking braces off a child who had no desire to smile and face the world. Witnessing that same child see their dreams become a reality with a brand new smile.”
  • “Squishing your toes in the sand as the ocean water surrounds your feet.”
  • “Looking into someone’s eyes and seeing their soul.”

“Smiles inspire all of us. Smiles evoke confidence. Smiles warm the soul. Smiles have the ability to change our mood and the mood of others. Smiles are contagious. For these reasons and so many more, this book was written to express the joy I have experienced over the years creating beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.” – Dr. Howard Shullman