While traditional metal braces are nothing to be afraid of, children can be intimidated by the process and may be concerned about how braces will look and feel on their teeth. This can make clear aligners an attractive alternative. Fortunately, Dr. Shullman offers Invisalign for adults, teens, and children as a reliable solution to orthodontic concerns.

Thanks to their lightweight design and transparent plastic, Invisalign for Kids will fit comfortably in your child’s mouth, allowing their smile to shine through. Designed from BPA-free plastic, Invisalign clear aligners are custom-molded to the contours of your child’s mouth and adjusted to correct for crowding and spacing. The clear aligner applies gentle pressure to your child’s teeth, slowly guiding them into place for a healthy and picture-perfect smile.

Is Invisalign For Kids?

Invisalign is safe for children and can be a great alternative to braces, but it is not suitable for all children. Unlike traditional metal braces, which are fixed to your child’s teeth, Invisalign is easily removable. If you have concerns about your child removing the clear aligners or losing them, you may want to consider other options.

Invisalign works through a series of clear plastic aligners that adjust your child’s teeth in small increments. After one clear aligner moves the teeth into the desired position, a new one replaces it to adjust the teeth further.

Removing the aligners frequently or for sustained periods can interrupt this process and delay the correction. For many children, the temptation to remove the aligners can be stronger than their self-restraint. You know your child best, so consider their level of responsibility and talk with them about the process before choosing Invisalign for Kids.


What Are The Benefits Of Invisalign For Kids?

Beyond correcting your child’s teeth, Invisalign can provide numerous benefits for kids, helping them become comfortable with the orthodontic process. Below are a few reasons many parents decide to go with Invisalign over metal braces:

  • Hygiene – Clear aligners are easy to remove so your child can brush and floss. Without wires, food debris is also less likely to get trapped between teeth and gums, providing access to all corners of the mouth when brushing.
  • No Food Restrictions – With metal braces, crunchy, chewy, and tough foods are off the table, as they can damage the wires and brackets. By contrast, clear aligners can simply be removed before eating to let your child enjoy their regular diet.
  • Comfort – Custom-molded to the contours of the mouth, clear aligners are made to fit snugly. Unlike braces, which can feel awkward at first, Invisalign doesn’t chafe or rub against the inside of your child’s mouth, and its smooth surface is easy to get used to.
  • Durability – Invisalign holds its shape even through rough play. Since each aligner is molded from a single piece of plastic, it lacks the independent parts and wires in braces that can be dislodged or broken.
  • Fewer Appointments – Unlike traditional braces, which need frequent adjustments to move your child’s teeth, Invisalign for Kids requires fewer trips to the orthodontist because your child can simply switch to a new set of aligners at home.

When Should My Child See An Orthodontist?

It’s never too early to plan for the future of your child’s smile. Children over the age of seven should have a free ortho consult with Dr. Shullman to check their teeth and monitor the growth of their permanent teeth. Invisalign for Kids is typically recommended for children between the ages of 10 and 14, although this can vary from child to child.