Children’s Orthodontist in Greenacres

Compassionate, Kid-Friendly Orthodontic Care

With two-phase orthodontic treatment, our children’s orthodontist in Greenacres can both straighten your child’s teeth and align their jaw with little to no invasive treatment. Two-phase treatment guides your child’s growth before their jaw has fully developed, ensuring a healthy, straight smile.

Children aged seven and up who are experiencing issues like teeth crowding or a misaligned jaw are candidates for early orthodontic treatment. Because children grow rapidly, directing the alignment of the upper and lower jaws at this time is easier than trying to correct a jaw after it is already grown. Early treatment establishes a good foundation that provides adequate room for your child’s permanent teeth.

Early and two-phase orthodontic treatment can also prevent later removal of permanent teeth to correct overcrowding and/or surgical procedures to align the upper and lower jaws.

Creating a Perfectly Aligned Smile in Two Phases

The first phase of treatment focuses on aligning the upper and lower jaws and developing the jaw size to accommodate all the permanent teeth. Certain appliances, determined on a case-by-case basis, will be used by our orthodontist to accomplish this and create enough room for permanent teeth to grow.

The second phase will begin after all permanent teeth have erupted, and typically requires wearing braces for up to two years. Retainers are then worn to ensure lasting results. The end result is each tooth in its target location in the mouth in congruity with the tongue, lips, cheeks, and other teeth. When this harmony is established, the teeth will function together properly.

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