What Foods Will I Need To Avoid With Braces?

A common frequently asked question about braces is whether you’ll have to skip eating certain foods with braces. Unfortunately, braces are not indestructible, and some foods can damage the appliances in your mouth.

Since braces are carefully tuned to provide you with straight teeth, any bends or wear can prevent them from doing their job. Generally, you should avoid foods that fall into these categories:

  • Crunchy Foods – Granola, nuts, and potato chips can push the wires in your mouth out of place.
  • Gummy/Sticky Foods – Gum, caramel, and taffy can stick between the wires and brackets, leading to gum disease.
  • Hard Foods – Pizza crust, apples, and ice can wear down the dental bonding holding your braces in place.
  • Chewy Foods – Steak, bagels, and tootsie rolls can put unnecessary stress on the wiring.

How Do I Care For My Teeth With Braces?

While avoiding foods that can damage your braces is an excellent first step, you should also brush your teeth after every meal. A robust dental hygiene routine will help keep your permanent teeth in pristine condition and your braces in working order. Keeping floss or an oral irrigator on hand is also a great way to keep your teeth and braces clean since food is likely to stick between the wires.

How Long Will I Need To Wear Braces?

How long you’ll need to wear braces depends on the state of your teeth and the severity of the correction. Depending on your needs, treatment with braces can last between six months and three years. Staying up to date with regular appointments and following care instructions will keep you on track, although the length of time may change as your mouth adjusts to the correction.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

Price can vary depending on the type of braces and the work required to correct your teeth. During your free ortho consult, Dr. Shullman will provide you with a cost estimate based on his assessment.

Another common question is whether they are covered by insurance. Some insurance companies will cover braces either in whole or in part, and it is worth checking with your carrier to find out. Our team can help with this during your consultation.


How Do I Protect My Mouth When Playing Sports With Braces?

The best way to protect your mouth when playing sports is by wearing a mouthguard. Bumps and falls can cause the brackets and wires to loosen or twist, making your braces hurt. This occurs when the wires in your mouth become stretched or misaligned, loosening or tightening against your teeth.

In addition to causing you discomfort, these slight changes in tension can derail the work of your braces. When this occurs, further adjustments will be necessary to reset the wiring. Since your front teeth are the most susceptible to damage during falls, a mouth guard will help by absorbing the impact and protecting your braces and teeth from harm. 

Do I Still Need To See My General Dentist With Braces?

Yes, you should continue to see your general dentist as well as attend your regular appointments with Dr. Shullman. Food debris can become trapped in your braces, making it difficult to clean your teeth on your own. With their specialized tools, general dentists will ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy by cleaning out those hard-to-reach areas.

Therefore, it is more important than ever to continue seeing your regular dentist when you have braces. Braces work most effectively on strong and healthy teeth, and having your teeth cleaned regularly will help Dr. Shullman provide you with a happy and healthy smile. Dr. Shullman can provide more information about caring for your braces and answer any other questions you may have about braces during your free ortho consult.